This is a "catchall" web site for our web site hosting service.

...The page cannot be found - The page you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, is temporarily unavailable or really doesn't exist (see below).

If you typed the page address in the Address bar, make sure that it is spelt correctly and try again.

However, if you have already tried again and still ended up here it means ONE OF THE FOLLOWING (PLEASE READ CAREFULLY to avoid any misunderstanding):

  1. THE WEB SITE HAS NEVER BEEN IN SERVICE. YOU DON'T REQUIRE A WEB SITE and are only using our email services.
  2. YOUR WEB SITE WAS IN SERVICE but has been removed from service by our automatic billmaster system. (If you registered your domain name at the same time as your web host, your email services may also have been suspended).
    Please contact us direct and after payment* we will restore your service.
  3. YOUR WEB SITE IS NOT YET IN SERVICE but its domain name  has been registered on behalf of our client. It is "Parked".
  4. YOUR WEB SITE HAS BEEN MOVED to a new server (this very rarely happens & we will have already told you we were going to move it). The website name hasn't changed but it's underlying numeric address has. Your ISP should have automatically recognised the change. But they haven't. There is little we can do about this until your ISP's DNS server recognises the change. Your web site *is* working for the majority of ISP's who have recognised the change which is usually visible within a couple of hours(but at the most 24 hours). Please note that if your ISP's server doesn't recognise the changes that we have carried out then the same will apply to similar changes by other web hosting companies. It's not just us!
  5. your web site has moved to a new server *BUT* your browser (e.g. Internet Explorer) is keeping a local copy of the web pages and is using those rather than the real web site pages. You need to delete this local copy. Try this: 1. try reloading the page by holding down the shift key & then clicking on "Reload" (or Refresh). 2. Under the options menu (preferences on some browsers) delete all temporary files, close your browser & restart.

If you have any queries, please contact us using the following email address:
"accounts at amicro dot co dot uk"
(omit the quotes and the spaces & replace the punctuation words with the correct punctuation characters.
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